Mantissa Labs is a web3 Venture Studio

We fuse art and engineering to build breakthrough ventures that realize the full potential of the decentralized web through NFT based assets, XR metaverse, and blockchain applications.

What we do

We currently focus on three key areas

NFTs and Virtual Assets

Building the most technically and artistically ambitious ventures in the NFT space. We partner with exceptional creative talent to develop new IP and build projects that reach for the next frontier in community utility, P2E gaming, and tokenomics.

Metaverse activation

Designing and building XR metaverse applications, platforms, and experiences. This spans a wide variety of activations including gaming, digital retail, collaboration, and platforms that enable metaverse accessibility.

Blockchain applications

Identifying and designing new solutions for emerging blockchain use-cases. We typically partner with sector experts or corporate venture units and will typically invest our own seed capital, in addition to raising funds from our investor network.


We believe that great things happen when you ignite uncommon connections. Our core team possesses a unique blend of technical, strategic, creative and operational expertise with hubs in London and San Francisco. We also have access to a broad, global network of trusted collaborators that allow us to flexibly tap specialist expertise as required.



San Francisco